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Rusyn Symbols

The present Rusyn symbols were approved of at the 9th World Congress of Rusyns on June 23rd, 2007 in Sighetul Marmaţiei (Romania).

Coat of Arms


In the period of the first Czechoslovak Republic (1918 – 1939), the coat of arms belonged to one of its parts – the Sub-Carpathian Rus. At present, it is a coat of arms for Rusyns throughout the world.

Description:  in the left half there are three golden stripes on a blue background, in the right half, in dark red, there is a Carpathian bear standing on hind legs with an open mouth on a silver background. The bear symbolises the Carpathian mountains, the three golden stripes (according to some researchers) symbolise three rivers: Uh (Už), Latorica and Tisa.




The dimensions of the flag are 2:3 height to width, the most common size being 1 000 mm high and 1 500 mm wide. The upper half (500 mm) is blue, the lower half is white (250 mm) and red (250 mm).

Blue is the colour of the deep skies, a perspective representation of the Carpathian mountains, hope for a better future, the colour of rational reasoning, freshness of the spirit and the body and undying diligence.

White is the colour of traditional peacefulness, hospitability, kindness, tolerance, peace, moral and physical purity, high culture and the natural pacifism of Rusyns.

Red associates with all that lives and is beautiful, with the aesthetic ideal of Rusyns, and it symbolises energy and health in man.



Original Rusyn flag available for purchase


The World Congress of Rusyns has made a hundred original flags representing Rusyns in the whole world. The flag is, at the same time, a symbol of this international organisation; therefore, its name is placed in the bottom left corner (authenticity mark) in gold. The flag is made from high-quality non-crease water-resistant material and its layout was approved at the 9th World Congress of Rusyns, which took place in Romania in 2007. The flag can be ordered and purchased from: Svetový kongres Rusínov, Duchnovičovo nám. 1, 081 48 Prešov, Slovakia for 75 $ or 60 €. Take the opportunity and purchase a flag from this limited series.